Daimler Puch SLX

Presenting this Daimler Puch SLX (Vent Noir). Approx. 1982, with Reynolds 531 tubing. This frame has a wonderful “black chrome” finish, dark-tinted chrome plating, very similar in appearance to chromovelato.

This frame belonged to Graham Voss, an ex-Springbok junior and senior cyclist. He purchased the frame a the German Pavilion at the Rand Show in 1982/83 and rode in a couple of Mozambique and Zimbabwe tours. When the current owner bought the bike, she had a combination of period and non-period components. She’s now dressed in mostly Shimano Dura Ace 7200, except the stem (early 3T) and Campagnolo clinchers.

Size: 57cm seat tube ctc
Owner: Vic Cockcroft


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